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Kratos Innovation Labs is a Singapore headquartered product company with an extensive focus on Blockchain and IoT. The company is founded by experienced professionals with a deep understanding of domain knowledge to understand the customer pain points better. We have been voted as Top 50 hot start-ups by Economic Times. We develop products to address customer pain points in FinTech and Supply Chain Management. Our products have received extensive traction and market fit with current implementations spanning across Asia and USA markets. We breathe innovation as our mantra to connect the dots in the Blockchain ecosystem. Backed by an experienced management and advisory team, we create products that bring faster ROI to our customers and increased returns to our stakeholders.


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x-DeFraud acts as an x-ray to prevent fraud in Trade Finance.
Trade Finance Transactions often involve manual paper (and unstructured electronic) transfers of records (purchase orders, invoices, bills of lading, customs documentation, certificates of authenticity and makeup) that accompany physical goods. Keeping track of the ownership of physical goods and inventory at each step, along with the corresponding paper flows, can be a major undertaking, especially with manual processes that are subject to human error, loss, damage and even theft and fraud.
x-DeFraud prevents fraud by storing all the supporting documents in a trading cycle in an encrypted format on a tamper proof blockchain platform. With pre-defined algorithms, all the documents flowing in the distributed ledger are x-rayed by x-DeFraud system to prevent fraud, thus saving substantial amounts even before fraud is committed.
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TRUSTcerts is a Blockchain platform based Academic Certificate Issuing and Verification platform. It is built on MIT Media Lab's BlockCerts framework that provides a robust infrastructure to store Academic Certificates on a tamper proof Blockchain platform.
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Block Provenance

Block Provenance provides a generic framework on a blockchain platform to prove the provenance. This helps to prove the source of any item that is tracked on a tamper proof blockchain thus preventing counterfeiting.
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Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS)

Smart Contracts are Self-executing Contractual states that persist within a blockchain. We provide customized Smart Contract solutions for financial institutions. With the prevalence and adoption of blockchain technologies, we foresee Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) evolving similar to a SaaS model.
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