Enabling #financial #inclusion and #sustain #ability for the marginal producers


Enables marginal producers to track from sowing to harvest


Provides full visibility of the harvest to food processors and FMCGs to procure directly from marginal producers / co-operatives

immutable data

Secure data commits on an immutable blockchain network

multi lingual

Multi lingual mobile application to record information.

Icon based support to easily identify the features

#foodlens is a proud recepient of “Best Social Enterprise Award” for the year 2019 awarded by Action for India 

Frequently asked questions

Foodlens is a blockchain platform integrated with IOT and Deep Computer Vision networks. 

#foodlens enables marginal producers to

a. Provides proof of quality harvest to consumers

b. Detect spurious seeds or pest attacks during the harvest period

c. Sell their produce directly to co-operatives or consumers

#foodlens enables consumers to 

a. Trace the authenticity of the food produce

b. Support #sustainability of marginal producers by buying directly from them


#foodlens support major South-East Asian languages including major Indian languages.

New language additions can be done on request.

The application is open for registered stakeholders like marginal producers (farmers, meat producers, diary producers and Aquaculture producers), food co-operatives, soil, sample and food testing companies, food processors, FMCGs and end consumers

#foodlens aims to enable #sustainability and #financialinclusion to marginal producers and make them #bankable again.

After couple of years of supply chain research, Food supply chain needed a much needed digital revamp and hence #foodlens

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Our clients say

“Britannia Industries had partnered in a Proof of Concept (PoC) project with Kratos Innovation Labs to build end-to-end traceability tool for packaging materials using Blockchain technology. The Provenance Tracking PoC model successfully established traceability across Britannia Industries factories and its vendors and their feedstock vendors, to reconcile both volumes and quality parameters across the chain”
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