May 23, 2016
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February 5, 2018
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Innovate or perish

I found this pair of Canon IXUS camera and the Kodak Advantix High Definition Film roll when I was clearing some stuff earlier today (refer the image below). Amazingly the camera roll survived for 16 long years (was bought in Frankfurt in 2001). The quality speaks for itself from Kodak.

Did you all know that Kodak held the patent for Digital Cameras?

Sadly, the company did not innovate further and eventually perished. Had they started making Digital Cameras themselves and sold them, I would have couple of more Kodak products to showcase here.

Lessons learnt? Innovation should be the DNA of any organization if they do not want to perish in the long run. #TheKodakFilmPhotosWereTheBest #KodakMoments #InnovateOrPerish

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