BlockProvenance now available on R3 Corda platform

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January 7, 2019
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BlockProvenance now available on R3 Corda platform

BlockProvenance platform provides a simplest way to prove the authenticity of your product to the end customers.

Counterfeits, to a tune of approx. 1.4 Trillion, enter the market every year affecting the food, automotive and medicines safety of consumers.

Our platform provides a way to prove the provenance of your products to your end customers by providing full transparency of the movement of goods in the supply chain; thus increasing the trust in your products.

By using BlockProvenance platform, producers benefit through customer retention and increase in revenues and customers benefit with access to healthy and safe products.

BlockProvenance integrates R3 Corda platform with our IoT gateways to track the goods in the supply chain. We unlock various use cases in Supply Chain movement, Supply Chain Finance, Insurance by providing tamper proof data points.

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